Nicotine Education

Be aware and be informed.
Support Smart Nicotine Use.


Nicotine is a substance that causes addiction in Cigarettes. It is contained in a small amount which gives the smoker a sense of satisfaction. The efficacy of Nicotine is typically manifested in linked to raised alertness, euphoria and a sensation of being relaxed as it deviates user from vigorous mental activity and fatigue. However, too much consumption can lead to addiction and severe paralysis of the nervous system.

Nicotine is a stimulant similar to the caffeine found in tobacco leaves as well as to 66 other plants such as tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, peppers and more. The ones that causes cancer in Cigarette are the tar and other components. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals including many toxins while electronic cigarettes do not have tar and carcinogens. However, it should be noted that large amount and serious abuse of Nicotine for a long period of time can lead to hair loss, interrupted metabolism and microvascular contraction.


* Pure Nicotine contains the highest purity. It is concentrated and must never be sniffed or used directly.

* Since it is high in purity, it must be properly diluted with other E-liquid solutions such as Liquid bases and Flavorings.


  • 10ML

  • 30ML

  • 100ML

  • 250ML

  • 1L

  • 5L

  • 10L

  • 20L

  • 50L

  • 100L



Experts’ Choice Pure Nicotine with the highest purity available. Naturally sourced from tobacco plants and has finer taste, longer life and higher oxidation period.


Highly concentrated Nicotine best for both business or personal use. Naturally sourced from tobacco plants and comes in clear, colorless viscous liquid.


99.5% and 99.9% Pure Nicotine are both USP grade solutions which contains the highest purity, however, the 99.9% undergo additional filtration and purification stages which allow it to have finer taste, longer life and higher concentration period.


Here’s a guide on what to expect from each of your HiLIQ Package

  • Color: Clear white to very slight yellow
  • Smell: Essentially odorless(**Sniffing is not recommended)
  • Bottling: Placed in an HDPE nicotine-ready bottles with silicon mouth, sealed cap and hot glue around.
  • Packaging: Packaged in a fully sealed plastic bag with overloaded bubble wraps and finally positioned in a cardboard box.


The experiment suggest the browning phenomenon of the Pure Nicotine as exposed to air and sunlight.

*Experimental Conditions: Exposed to direct air and sunlight. Please note that the weather and temperature differences, depending on the experimental conditions, may change the result as well.

99.9% Pure Nicotine

(Products Freshly Shipped to customer)

Freshly created and shipped to customer and was opened the first time. Transparent and clear in color indicating the solution is new, fresh and clean.

99.9% Pure Nicotine

(7-15 days after)

Pure Nicotine state after 7 to 15 days. The results show very little color changes from being transparent clear white to sligt yellowish in color.

Still usable with good mixing results.

99.9% Pure Nicotine

(1 month to 3 months after the result)

Pure Nicotine state after 1-3 months. The color significantly changed to a yellowish-brown color. We recommend safe disposal.

99.9% Pure Nicotine

(3 months and more time has elapsed)


Pure Nicotine is more than three months. The color turned completely brown. Please do not use. This is for absolute safe disposal.

  • Sensitive: Keep away from direct sunlight and avoid overexposure so light and air sources

  • Flammable: keep away from intense heat and/or hot room surfaces

  • For Adults Use Only: Keep away from pets, kids and unaware persons

  • Toxic: Do not drink and do not allow yourself to have a direct contact with the solution.



Pure Nicotine is only sold to Experts, Vendors and Businessmen. For starters, please use our Unflavoured Nicotine Base Mixes found in our official distributor:

1.Do not sniff or use directly. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin.
2. We sell nicotine which is only limited to Electronic Cigarette uses. Proper mixing and use, enough tools and accurate measurements are required. Tedious research is mandatory.
3.Handle the Pure Nicotine in approved work areas or designated laboratory.
4.When dealing with Pure Nicotine and suddenly feels dizzy or having symptoms of nausea, severe headache and discomfort, desist from working with the solution, take a fresh air and consult your doctor or call your local poison department, if necessary.