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Tailored Business Solutions
Do-it-yourown Novice
Nicotine Bases We are able to help Vapers find their own blend by providing them easy access to all-around vaping ingredients necessary to DIY. We recommend directly buying from our official Unflavoured Nicotine bases partner,
Do-it-yourown Experts
Nicotine Bases / Pure Nicotine Experts are Vapers with long steady experience on handling concentrated vaping substances such as Nicotine that are used both for pleasure and business. We are able to provide Experts their choice of nicotine densities whether in low, moderate or high proportions. We recommend purchasing 10ML, and 250ML Sizes to begin with.
Businesses getting our products to sell and brand as their own product.
Nicotine Bases / Pure Nicotine We supply and support vendors with quality Pure Nicotine solutions ready for their own rebranding. We can help them go through the process starting from dilution to labeling until packaging to ensure a stable and consistent nicotine formulations. Vendors are recommended to start with 10L to 20L package deal to enjoy the best pricing.
Businesses officially carrying our Nicotine products.
Pure Nicotine We are able to deliver directly to our official distributors well-packaged Pure Nicotine solutions ready for sale and release. Fresh from our facilities to our Distributors’, this allows buyers to save cost on shipping and enjoy excellent consistent quality. We recommend ordering 20L-50L deal to get big business savings.
Businesses using our liquid solutions as their main source of ingredients
Pure Nicotine We are able to provide Pure Nicotine solution regardless of quantity. Our main goal is to help manufacturers craft the best e-liquid by following their Nicotine needs and requirements. Shipped in a timely manner, Manufacturers are advised bulk-buying 50L to 100L at a time to enjoy the highest discount benefit.