Your Pure Nicotine Business Partner


Nicotine Express is your number one online source of high-quality Pure Nicotine. It was established to accommodate the growing needs of businesses for Premium USP grade Nicotine which can be used in many forms including patches, chewing gums and liquid extract formulas which are specifically designed for electronic cigarette consumption.

Nicotine Express devotes its expertise not only in producing exceptional end products but also in Research and Development which are continually present and constantly significant to the industry, its followers and consumers.

Nicotine Express promises excellence in manufacturing processes so to ensure the highest standard is followed and the safest procedures are achieved. Our proficiency revolves around on naturally extracting premium tobacco plants and letting it go through a series of extraction and purification stages specifically developed to supply our consumers natural and non-synthetic superior nicotine liquid.


Nicotine Express always adheres to the concept that science innovation generates admirable productivity. Now, we have mastered the Nicotine Extraction technology and we pride ourselves in producing extensive choices in terms of Nicotine Purity. We offer 99.5% and 99.9%> Nicotine Purities perfect for any of your D-I-Y doings.


Nicotine express ups the industry by offering only the highest quality Nicotine solutions. Extracted only from natural origins, our nicotine liquids are carefully manufactured in an FDA-checked facility following cGMP (current Good manufacturing practices) guidelines so to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction both on taste and safety.


We supply worldwide, conveniently fast. Nicotine Express delivers to any parts of the world to accommodate the mounting number of consumers who need a dependable supplier who can give them superior-made Pure Nicotine.
With our solid partnerships with key players in the logistics industry, we assure fast, efficient and convenient door-to-door shipments with the lowest international charges. We have monitoring team helping you check packages’ expectation, status, and condition.

While Nicotine Express promises to offer only the purest and cleanest nicotine solutions, it also reassures honest business pricing. We value our clients so as their business. No one comes close to the quality we offer considering the price tag we provide.

Nicotine Express understands that an efficient customer service can make a huge business difference. It has always been our goal to stick to our principles to deliver performance and exceed expectations. Nicotine express ensures that our clients are part of each process. From product quoting to ordering up to the shipping, we’ll get you involve so you can rest all your worries away and trust fully our service and capabilities.


Manufacturing and Logistics Experience

Our manufacturing capabilities can hold up to 100,000 liters of Nicotine solution orders on a daily basis and are operated and processed in a cGMP, FDA checked environment based in Central of China with head office in the heart of China’s Financial Capital, Shanghai. Our logistics team can send packages to anywhere in the world within 2-5 working days with almost 24 hours monitoring team helping you check on updates and progress.

Pricing and Service Efficiency

We put our customers’ welfare on top of the line in anything that we do. Our Prices are geared to give our clients a good run to their business. As a supplier brand, we want our clients to come back with our products’ quality and honest pricing. With the friendliest and most professional team who will work with you hand-in-hand, Nicotine express delivers a performance you will be more than satisfied.

Development and Research Competence
Nicotine Express allocates much of its time to continuous research to solidify its services that can possibly change the market and the industry. With incessant formulation research, test development and stability validation, Nicotine Express gear up for higher standards in Nicotine Manufacturing. Our Research and development team are working hand-in-hand with our Quality Assurance team and Manufacturing Groups to constantly develop products that are equally good and safe to the consumers.